Mission statements of BSDT's Ayurved Mahavidyalaya aim at bringing the Vision of BSDT and its college in various action plans aiming -
  1. To train the students to excel in the field of the Ayurveda as well as to become proud ambassadors of our ancient traditional heritage.
  2. To provide the students with the knowledge for developing skills and to empower them to become responsible citizens for the betterment and upliftment of the society.
  3. To carry out and to arrange for practical research with modern technologies in manifold fields of the Ayurveda.
  4. To provide training and knowledge in various methods of research for students and teachers to explore into different fields of the Ayurveda and Indian Culture.
  5. To conduct health camps in the Urban as well as Rural areas for the medication, health check-ups at School, College and Institutional levels.
  6. To make available diagnostic, surgical intervention as well as treatment facility in all areas of the Ayurveda (Ashtanga Ayurveda) including the treatment of Panchakarma, Rasayana Chikitsa, Yoga etc. under one roof and at affordable rates.
  7. To provide all facilities by experts and skilled staff and caring professionals.
  8. To provide authentic Ayurvedic treatment to people from all walks of life.
  9. To provide the needy patients quality-assured medicines most of which are prepared at 'In-house Pharmacy' of the trust from the material collected from Sanjeevani Medicinal Plantation unit of the Trust.